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Port Tooling can create tooling for all types of industries that require custom-made plastic products for OEM's, marine, automotive, construction and communication applications. The possibilities are endless.

We offer precision fabricated injection-moulding tool design and manufacturing services.

Our team can provide support and guidance throughout the tool manufacturing process.

We are experienced in the management of all tooling processes, from the initial design, to prototype creation and the delivery of the final product.

The team at Port Plastics & Tooling are highly skilled in all areas of our tooling services.

This includes the manufacture of new tools, modifications to existing tools, machining of new components and repairing any breakdowns during the tooling process.

We also mill and polish all tools, to ensure they are in perfect working order.



We offer precision fabricated injection-moulding tool design in CAD.

From your idea, to prototype creation.



Your product will be machined to your exact specifications and tolerances.

Injection Moulding.jpg


Straight from manufacturing into injection moulding production.

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